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Welcome to U of T's JupyterHub for education

The University's 2i2c JupyterHub is an open source, web-based platform that offers a standardized computing environment. It can be accessed via your browser. To get started, select one of the above services: Jupyter Notebook, RStudio or JupyterLab.

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In January 2023, Academic, Research and Collaborative technologies (ARC) launched datatools.utoronto.ca, an improved and simplified landing page for U of T’s educational JupyterHub. From this page, you can access all of our JupyterHub services in one central place.

Learn more about the changes we’ve made to our JupyterHub on the ARC website. For technical support, please submit a ticket to our service desk via the Enterprise Service Centre.

Additional information

Where can I get help?

For technical support, please submit a ticket to our service desk via the Enterprise Service Centre.

For information on getting started with your first project, please visit the JupyterHub support page.

What is Jupyter Notebook?

Jupyter Notebook is an open-source web application. It enables users to craft and circulate interactive documents encompassing executable code, mathematical equations, data visualizations, and descriptive text. The applications of Jupyter Notebook include data preprocessing and transformation, computational simulations, statistical analysis and modelling, graphical representation of data and other computational disciplines.

What is RStudio?

R-Studio is an open-source tool that harmonizes various elements of R such as coding, graphical output and data management into a cohesive and efficient workspace. It is tailored to simplify the initial learning process for those new to R, while also providing sophisticated functionalities for seasoned users, and offers the convenience of accessing R environments remotely. 

What is JupyterLab?

JupyterLab offers an expanded suite of tools that cater to the diverse needs of research, pedagogy and learning. It can be used across various disciplines, including data analysis, visualization and broader scientific inquiry. JupyterLab builds on the classic notebook user experience by introducing a sophisticated, browser-based interface that seamlessly integrates multiple notebooks. Advanced features include an integrated markdown editor, a robust file management system and a versatile file viewer.  

Who can use this service?

This JupyterHub service is open to the University of Toronto community. Students should ensure they are backing up their notebooks regularly if they are using this service for course activities.

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